How We Got Started…

The Front Runnerz started planning for their success in May 2003 while attending Myrtle Beach Bike Week.  After several meetings between 6 men who started talking on a monthly basis we sat down with some additional friends, wives and girlfriends to put the Front Runnerz on the map. The first significant meeting was in the basement of Jonathan and Yvette Senter’s home. The meeting started off with approximately 18 people.  At the end of the meeting we had 13 of those members agree to start a club with the name to be determined.

A complete research on club names was done and we finally came up with the name Front Runnerz. In January 2004 we were then recognized by the state of Georgia as the Front Runnerz Motorcycle Club Atlanta, Georgia.  Shortly thereafter we became incorporated and hence the name Front Runnerz Motorcycle Club Incorporated Atlanta, Georgia. After 12 years of continued service to our community and other biker organizations, the Front Runnerz have become one of the largest and highly respected Motorcycle clubs in the Southeast… and still growing.

Who We Are…

The Front Runnerz Motorcycle Club is a 501c3 non-profit organization whose primary focus is charity work and giving back to the Metro-Atlanta/DeKalb County communities through fundraisers, charity gift drives, and memorial rides.  The Front Runnerz currently have over 100 members with varying professional backgrounds. As our membership continues to grow, we are always in search of innovative and compassionate ways in which we can enrich, empower, and re-build our collective communities nation wide. Since the Front Runnerz have followed through with their mission statement we have started additional Front Runnerz Motorcycle Chapters all over the United States. The Front Runnerz now reside in cities and states like Hinesville Georgia, Columbia South Carolina, Baltimore Maryland,  Newport News Virginia, Greensboro North Carolina, and Birmingham Alabama.

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